Classification of marbling

Customers naturally want to know what marbling score the meat they are about to buy has to offer. A BMS (Beef Marbling Score) of 8 or 9 is often quoted - but what grading system is this statement based on?

3 different rating options!

Is it the Australian or the Japanese system? Does that make a difference? Yes - and a huge one! In the Japanese system, a marbling of 8 means an intramuscular fat (IMF) content of 43.80%, whereas in the Australian system, this is a fat content of at least 19%. A very big difference!

In America there is another system, which is based on designations. I once tried to create an overview that underlines these systems with values - not easy to show:

The above comparison clearly shows that where the official classification of the Australians ends, the classification of the Japanese begins.

Back to the customer: he certainly wants to know the marbling score of the piece of meat he is about to eat. After all, this is what is used for advertising. In this case a standard must be established or a clear reference made to a system. But the most important standard is still: it simply has to taste outstanding!