Arubial Bond Q007 x Uniko WG198

Base data:

Father: Arubial Bond Q007
Mother: Uniko WG198
SRI: 294
BFI: 352
Available quantity: 4


An outstanding mating - WBI and SRI in the top 5% range - Fullblood Terminal Index and F1 Index even in the top 1% range!

The sire is Arubial Bond, who has a very high Marbling Score as well as a huge RibEye - with a very high retail beef yield! The dam Uniko WG198 is one of our top heifers - with Arubial United as sire and via the dam Terutani 40/1 and further back TF151 Itozurudoi come into the pedigree. She is a perfect match for Bond as she adds weight and milk! This combination promises outstanding animals.

The offspring can be used for all purposes in breeding - no matter if fullblood or crossbreeding, if they become bulls!

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