Apex II R5 x Etsuko WG117

Base data:

Father: Apex II R5
Mother: Etsuko WG117
SRI: 262
BFI: 292
Available quantity: 4


Capital Country Apex II R5 descends from Mayura L10, one of the top bulls in Australia in recent years with many offspring that largely confirm his very good breeding values. World K's Shigeshigetani (marbling!) and Itoshigefuji (milk/weight) come into the bull's pedigree via the dam's side.

Etsuko has already produced very good offspring. She descends from Macquarie Prelude and through her dam's side, Isi WG044 is our most fertile cow in the pedigree.

A very nice combination of genetics that is far above average.

Free from all known genetic disorders.

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