Base data:

Father: EWC 242
Mother: Sorako
SRI: 326
BFI: 445
Available quantity: 10


The Arubial United 342 son of Eifel Wagyu is in the top 1% segment for all indices! A bull with outstanding breeding traits. As a so-called all-rounder, he has milk, a super carcass weight and very high marbling - almost 3 x as high as the average! Sorako descends from the very good marbling sire TrentBridge F115 and on the dam's side there is also World K's Shigeshigetani. A special feature: further back in the pedigree is Fujiko, the first Wagyu calf to be born in the USA.

This combination offers above-average values for milk, weight, rib eye, marbling (+2.7 - the top 1% range starts at 2.8!) and fineness of marbling!

An offer at the highest level!

Free from all known genetic disorders

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