Lisheen P26 x Isi WG052

Base data:

Father: Lisheen P26
Mother: Isi WG052
SRI: 248
BFI: 285
Available quantity: 4


The semen of Lisheen P26 has been imported by us and is relatively rare in Germany! This bull is a real all-rounder - he has milk, a very good carcass weight, but also above average values for RibEye, marbling and their fineness. His index values in Australia are therefore far above average. He is F11-carrier.

The dam Isi WG052 brings a big RibEye and a good marbling as well as their fineness into the mating.

The embryo is with the values of milk, carcass weight, RibEye, marbling and their fineness above average - the two index values due to the successful combination even in the top 10% of the Australian herdbook breeding (as of November 2022).

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