Lisheen P26 x Kazou WG148

Base data:

Father: Lisheen P26
Mother: Kazou WG148
SRI: 224
BFI: 216
Available quantity: 4


This mating stands for excellent values in weight gain as well as carcass weight!

The sire Lisheen P26 (F11-C) is very rare in Europe and a son of the top sire Sumo Cattle Michifuku F126. He stands for milk, carcass weight, ribeye, marbling and their fineness - so a real all-rounder.

Kazou WG148 is sired by Ginjo Marblemax Kitahatsuhi L9 - a top Australian bull for milk and weight. Her dam Doublesixty WG065 also contributes a very decent weight.

Therefore, this mating stands for above average milk yield, but especially for weight: the 200, 400 and 600 days weight is in the top 5% range of the Australian herdbook breeding, the carcass weight even in the top 1% range.

Thus, it is not surprising that the WBI ("Mother Cow Index for Purebred Animals") is +$238 and thus at the top 5% range.

For all breeders who want to bring size back into the herd!

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