Mayura L0010 x Isi WG044

Base data:

Father: Mayura L0010
Mother: Isi WG044
SRI: 240
BFI: 329
Available quantity: 8


Isi WG044 is one of my framiest Wagyu cows and is free of genetic peculiarities. The dam is Isi WG020. She has inherited not only her growth, but also her very good flushing characteristics - averaging over 12 embryos per flush! She has Isi and LMR Yojimbo in her pedigree. On the sire side, there is a rarity from Australia in Mazda Wagyu Inoki. The bull's sire is Overflow Katsumi - a son of Michifuku and the extremely rare genetics of Rikitani, one of World K's first export cows. Through the dam's side, Westholme Yamasakura, Kitateruyasudoi and Hirashigetayasu enter the pedigree.

The sire is Mayura L0010 (CHS-Carrier), who has a lot of documented offspring by now. He is a super allrounder with very high values for carcass weight, RibEye, marbling and fineness of marbling.

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