Miku Maestro Q15 x Michiru WG129

Base data:

Father: Miku Maestro Q15
Mother: Michiru WG129
SRI: 190
BFI: 270
Available quantity: 7


Miku Maestro Q15 is a very good symbiosis of two top bulls: Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr. and Macquarie Y408. He is an all-rounder in milk, weight, RibEye and marbling - with very low backfat!

The dam is directly descended from Sumo Cattle Michifuku 154, a top bull with many tested progeny. On her dam's side, Takazakura, Okahana and Suzutani can be found in the pedigree - outstanding first generation breeding stock from Japan.

The calculated breeding values let expect an above average carcass weight for this mating with at the same time high marbling of +1,9 - top 10% range. A great opportunity to buy three top bulls in one mating!

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