Miku Maestro Q15 x Etsuko WG117

Base data:

Father: Miku Maestro Q15
Mother: Etsuko WG117
SRI: 220
BFI: 252
Available quantity: 3


Etsuko WG117 is sired by Macquarie Prelude, who has the very good sire Y408 as his sire. On the dam side we add our Isi WG044 who brings in a very nice frame. All in all a successful combination, which belongs to the best 20% in the Australian herdbook breeding.

Etsuko WG117 is mated to the bull Miku Maestro Q15, who has three strong bulls in his pedigree - Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr, Macquarie Y408 and Itozuru Doi. Therefore, he is a real all-rounder who brings in RibEye, marbling and their fineness without neglecting milk and weight.

A daughter (Asuka - WGGF22T9166) from this mating has the outstanding index values +$282 (WBI) and +$273 (SRI) - both in the top 5% range of Australian herdbook breeding!

Free of genetic disorders

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