Sumo Cattle Co Shikikan N211 x Miki WG099

Base data:

Father: Sumo Cattle Co Shikikan N211
Mother: Miki WG099
SRI: 227
BFI: 308
Available quantity: 3


Miki WG099 (F11-Carrier) is sired by the top sire for mother cow breeding - Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F126. He has proven in many offspring that he passes on milk and a good frame.

Sumo Cattle Co Shikikan N211 (free of genetic disorders) brings to the mating a very good carcass weight, but also marbling and its fineness. Therefore, it is not surprising that the calculated values for marbling +1.6 (+1.0) and fineness of marbling +0.33 (+0.16) are far above average.

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