Fullblood Breeding bulls

During the 16 years of our breeding we have been able to build up our genetics very broadly. The initial 8 animals have now become a large herd of cows and bulls, which allows optimal matings. The genetics are supplemented by imports from Australia and the USA.

The focus is on matings that, in addition to good marbling traits, should also produce an appropriate frame or milk yield to enable the prerequisites for successful mother cow husbandry. The focus is not only on Tajima lines, as is the case in many other breedings. In principle, all Wagyu have the genetic disposition for marbling - it is important for an optimal result to feed the animals correctly! And large animals require more feed or a longer fattening phase.

By the way: in Japan - outside the prefecture of Hyogo (Kobe) - a lot of importance is attached to a balanced mating of the lines. Often 50% are from the Tajima line, the remaining 50% from other breeding lines. So the marbling is right, but also the weight!

In the following a small selection of our male breeding animals.

Hirashiget WG045

Hirashiget WG045 was born in February 2016. SCD test is AA and Tenderness is 6. He is free of known genetic defects. A calm bull who has already been to the insemination station - there is also semen from him for sale (native and female sesexed!).

His sire is Hirashigetayasu, who passes on milk yield, fertility and carcass weight. He has famous line founder Kedaka twice in the pedigree via Dai 20 Hirashige. This one is also the sire of Hirashigekatsu, a bull that dominated the 2007 Zenkyo with his quality!

The dam, Gaw Sanshiga, is a Tajima cow that nevertheless weighed in at 680 kg. In addition, she is a very good flushing cow! Her pedigree includes Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068, Haruki 2 and on both sides of the pedigree the outstanding Suzutani! A bull that brings size but does not neglect marbling! For all the lighter Tajima-heavy cows.

Top 10% on the new Wagyu Breeder Index with a value of +$189! Excellent for breeding females!!! He has produced many very nice female offspring - mostly with very good birth weights.

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Itomoritaka WG046 (Mietbulle)

To this picture one does not need to say actually many words - this bull is a real great guy - Itomoritaka WG046 was licensed with 8-8-8. Very well muscled! He reaches VA in the SCD test and 5 in tenderness - he is free of known genetic disorders!

The sire Itomoritaka 42Z is a very tall and heavy bull, but he also brings in marbling via Michifuku - documented in the 2017 National Sire Summary in the USA. Jerry Reeves is extremely knowledgeable about breeding.

This bull was bred to Isi WG026, which can be found under the cow description. Tested by GeneStar, the results put her in the top 5% of the Wagyu population for marbling. A bull that brings size and a balanced temperament to the herd!