Fullblood Breeding cows

During the 16 years of our breeding we have been able to build up our genetics very broadly. The initial 8 animals have now become a large herd of cows and bulls, which allows optimal matings. The genetics are supplemented by imports from Australia and the USA.

The focus is on matings that, in addition to good marbling traits, should also produce an appropriate frame or milk yield to enable the prerequisites for successful mother cow husbandry. The focus is not only on Tajima lines, as is the case in many other breedings. In principle, all Wagyu have the genetic disposition for marbling - it is important for an optimal result to feed the animals correctly! And large animals require more feed or a longer fattening phase.

By the way: in Japan - outside the prefecture of Hyogo (Kobe) - a lot of importance is attached to a balanced mating of the lines. Often 50% are from the Tajima line, the remaining 50% from other breeding lines. So the marbling is right, but also the weight!

In the following a small selection of our female breeding animals.

Isi WG026

Isi WG026 was born in 2013. She is free from all known genetic disorders. On the dam's side very old and original Westholme genetics are present. In the pedigree is the extremely rare Dai 6 Seizan, which stands for size as well as Hirashigetayasu - but also twice Kitateruyasudoi, famous for fat composition, marbling and marbling fineness. You can hardly get closer to direct genetics of Japan!

The sire LMR Yojimbo 634 has the "who's who" of Tajima breeding in his pedigree with Fukutsuru 068, Takazakura, Yasufuku Jr, Michifuku and Suzutani. That's why the bull is highly traded and no longer available as semen. Tajima-heavy genetics with a good share of size!

Isi WG029

Isi WG029 is a Wagyu with a big frame - born in 2014. She has already produced quite a few nice calves - with different bulls. She is F11 carrier through the dam side.

In addition to Isi (described above), the dam has the bull Bar R Ichiro 32R in her pedigree, which comes from the breeding of the very well-known Jerry Reeves and received excellent scores in the GeneStar test at that time! In the pedigree are Fukutsuru 068, Michifuku and Suzutani.

The sire is Bay Dai 7 Hero, who has been linebred to Dai 7 Itozakura. This bull can be found in many outstanding offspring - Kitaguni Jr, Kitateruyasudoi, Terutani, Itohana - to name a few. An all-around animal that goes with many different bulls!

Isi WG044

Isi WG044 is one of my biggest Wagyu cows, born in 2016, licensed with 8-7-8 G and has AA in SCD test. She is free of genetic disorders.

The dam is Isi WG020, which was the first Wagyu to be auctioned in Alsfeld. She has passed on not only her growth but also her very good flushing characteristics - averaging over 12 embryos per flush! She has Isi and LMR Yojimbo in her pedigree.

On the sire side, there is a rarity from Australia in Mazda Wagyu Inoki. The bull's sire is Overflow Katsumi - a son of Michifuku and the extremely rare genetics of Rikitani, one of World K's first export cows. Through the dam side, Westholme Yamasakura, Kitateruyasudoi and Hirashigetayasu come into the pedigree. A great cow for matings with high Tajima genetics!

Isi WG044 has a genomic breeding value of +$165 (SRI) in the Australian herdbook, placing her in the top 25%!

Doublesixty WG065

Doublesixty WG065 is from August 2017 and has AA in SCD test. She is free of known genetic disorders.

The dam is Karina, one of our oldest and most proven breeding cows from the original Westholme genetics! She has Kitateruyasudoi in her pedigree twice, but also the size/milk sires Hirashigetayasu and Itomoritaka.

The sire is Doublesixty K473 out of Goorambat's breeding in Australia. Through his sire Michitsuru, he contributes an extremely large RibEye to the genetic disposition - with good marbling and fineness of marbling. A breeding animal for many matings!

The genomic breeding values from Australia certify her a milk yield of +1 (+/-0), carcass weight +37 (+16) and Rib Eye +4,2 (+1,8)!

Isija WG074

Isija WG074 was born in December 2017 and has a daily gain of around one kilogram - her male full siblings impress with equally large weight gains. SCD test is AA and she is free of known genetic disorders.

Her dam is Isi WG044 described above. From her she has inherited her good frame as well as her very good flushing characteristics - 14 embryos at the first flush!

The special aspect of her pedigree also comes from the sire side with Mazda Wagyu James. This bull born in 2001 is linebred to Kikuteru Doi, with Itomichi added for size. Kikuteru Doi was born in Japan in 1973 and is a rare representative of the Kikumi Doi line (Tajiri). Kikuteru Doi can be found in the pedigree of top sires like Terutani and Kitateruyasudoi - and here three times!!! An animal with a lot of potential and rare genetics!

Toshira WG087

Toshira WG087 has a special pedigree. She only has 36.5% Tajima blood - but Kedaka/Tottori 21%, Itozakura 25% and Shimane 8%. She is sired by the bull LMR Toshiro 1/3, who was linebred to Dai 7 Itozakura and has the very rare WKS Okahana in his pedigree.

On Toshira's dam side is the very well grown bull Itomoritaka 42Z as well as WKS Michifuku.

Toshira's genomic breeding values show a milk yield of +7 (+/-0 average) and a carcass weight of +32 (+16). An excellent basis for breeding females!

Shigetako WG115

Shigetako WG115 has Jerry Reeves exceptional bull BAR R Shigeshigetani 30T as direct sire. According to the Wagyu Sire Directory from the USA, he has the second largest RibEye of all bulls registered there!

On the dam's side there is the very big bull Itomoritaka 42Z again. Therefore, it is not surprising that Shigetako has not only very good RibEye in the genomic breeding values (top 10%), but also a good milk yield and above average weight.

Etsuko WG117

Etsuko WG117 is sired by Macquarie Prelude, who in turn has the widely used sire Y408 as his sire. On the dam's side we add our Isi WG044 who brings in a very nice frame. All in all, a winning combination that ranks in the top 20% in Australian herdbook breeding. And - although her sire is very fond of passing on IARS - she is free of known genetic disorders.

A breeding heifer that can be combined very well with other excellent bulls.

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Sakura WG125

Sakura WG125 is a truly exceptional animal. Because normally milk and weight are not compatible with good RibEye and marbling values.

Sakura has +3 (+/- 0) in milk and +37 (+16) in carcass weight. Additionally, +1,8 for RibEye and +1,2 (+1.0) for marbling and +0,25 (+0,16) for marbling fineness. SRI is +$ 218, WBI (more important for females) is +$ 237 - top 5% of Australian breeding.

Note that Mayura has sold LMR Toshiro 1/3 offspring for up to AUD 32,000! We have been breeding with this genetics for a long time, because Toshira WG087 - the dam of Sakura - is a direct descendant of the bull.

Michiko WG136

Michiko's sire is Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F154, a bull born in 2010 that has close to 500 registered offspring and is very likely to inherit high carcass weight as well as marbling and its fineness - far beyond normal!

The dam side contributes milk and a very large RibEye. In particular, the dam's sire Echigo Farms Maifuku is also still known for the fineness of marbling.

Michiko is a balanced breeding heifer at the highest level - she has milk, weight, RibEye, marbling and their fineness above average. Therefore, her values put her in the Top 1% of Australian Wagyu breeding!