Japan Zenkyo

In 2017, the time had finally come! The Wagyu Zenkyo, which is only held every five years, opened in Sendai. This competition for female animals and carcass quality is a true folk festival in Japan.

37 of the 43 Japanese prefectures participated in this competition. This illustrates the importance of Wagyu breeding for Japanese. More than 500 black (Kuroge) and also few red (Akaushi) Wagyu were judged in different classes.

The often packed main stadium held 7,000 visitors, and a total of more than 400,000 Wagyu enthusiasts wandered to this special event. Numerous booths in other halls and in the open area accompanied this event. Despite the glaring sun, the Japanese waited patiently for a taste of the Wagyu meat offered each day by the different prefectures.

The small group of German breeders who made this trip were completely enthusiastic - about the friendliness, the event as well as the whole event - a real experience that will not be seen again like this in the whole world!