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21.09.2021 by

Meat Contest 2021

An embryo from our breed is the winner of the meat contest in the category "Wagyu under 40 months"!

In the category "Wagyu under 40 months" the meat from a 36-month-old steer was the winner. Besides presentation, marbling and flavor/tenderness were judged.

The dam is our Isi WG044, one of our best breeding cows. The sire is Shigenami 82A, a bull bred by Jerry Reeves. We imported this bull years ago - especially because of his sire - Itoshigenami 49U. This one is directly sired by Itoshigenami, the dam-sire is WKS Yasufuku Jr. This is a top combination, which not only promises a lot and fine marbling now, but also proved it.

Congratulations to the winner - everything was done right with the raising and the fattening program!

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