Purebred Breeding bulls

An absolute rarity comes from the mating of our cow Kira with the bull Sato: the daughter Kira WG010 is heterozygous polled! And has passed on this hornlessness also to a daughter from a mating with Takamichi Doi! Kira WG024 is therefore 99.22% Wagyu, the mother 98.44% - the best prerequisite for the start of breeding polled Wagyu!

Meanwhile we have very interesting animals in our barn: daughters and sons of BAR R Arimura 30B, which are homozygous polled. We bred these to our best bulls and achieved a very good marbling potential. These offspring have since been mated to Poll Wagyu Perfection PP Q722, a homozygous hornless bull from Australia, which we were the first to import.

As the first breeders in Europe we offered the semen of Kiramusuko 2 a homozygous polled bull with 97% Wagyu blood. In Australia, a lot has already been bred with the bull BAR R 52Y, the sire of Arimura 30B. The slaughter results are excellent - 88% of the carcasses have a BMS of 7 or better!!!

Kiramusuko 1 - homozygous polled bull

Kiramusuko 1 is a homozygous polled Purebred bull (98% Wagyu blood) - in SCD test AA and Tenderness 4. This bull has been licensed with 8-7-8 and is free of known genetic disorders and also registered in the Australian herdbook. He is the framiest bull out of the line!

The dam is from a unique polled line. Kira WG010 is old Westholme fullblood genetics with Dai 6 Seizan, Hirashigetayasu and Kitateruyasudoi in the pedigree. The dam-sire Sato has Mazda, Mt. Fuji and Rueshaw bulls in his pedigree. The sire Bar R Arimura 30B is a homozygous polled bull bred by Jerry Reeves. He has outstanding sires in his pedigree. There is now hardly any semen available from this bull - a portion currently costs 300 USD!!! His sire Bar R 52Y has produced 5000 (!) offspring in Australia with very good slaughter results. Jerry Reeves was able to sell a homozygous polled bull for 120,000 USD the year before last, in Australia the price for a heterozygous polled bull with a top sire in the pedigree was in similar orders of magnitude!

Kiramusuko 2 - Europe's first homozygous polled insemination bull!

This bull has the same pedigree as Kiramusuko 1, but he is built more compact and scored 8-7-7 at licensing. Both bulls will be 5 years old in late summer! Native semen is available from Kiramusuko 2 - see Genetics/Sales - Semen!

Kiramusuko 2 is registered in the Australian herdbook. Offspring from him can then be registered there - if the female side is also registered there.

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Kiramusuko 5 - homozygous polled bull!

Kiramusuko 5 is a few months younger than his two brothers - a nice compact bull.

The test values are SCD: VA and Tenderness 7. He is free of known genetic disorders and registered in the Australian herdbook.

Next generations

We have received very nice bull calves in the last months - from the mating Kirako 3 and Kirako 4 with the bulls Sanjiro 5U and TrentBridge. If you are interested in heterozygous polled bulls, please contact us!