Purebred Breeding cows

An absolute rarity comes from the mating of our cow Kira with the bull Sato: the daughter Kira WG010 is heterozygous polled! And has passed on this hornlessness also to a daughter from a mating with Takamichi Doi! Kira WG024 is therefore 99.22% Wagyu, the mother 98.44% - the best prerequisite for the start of breeding polled Wagyu!

Meanwhile we have very interesting animals in our barn: daughters and sons of BAR R Arimura 30B, which are homozygous polled. We bred these to our best bulls and achieved a very good marbling potential. These offspring have since been mated to Poll Wagyu Perfection PP Q722, a homozygous hornless bull from Australia, which we were the first to import.

As the first breeders in Europe we offered the semen of Kiramusuko 2 a homozygous polled bull with 97% Wagyu blood. In Australia, a lot has already been bred with the bull BAR R 52Y, the sire of Arimura 30B. The slaughter results are excellent - 88% of the carcasses have a BMS of 7 or better!!!

Kirako 4

Kirako 4 has a pedigree with very broad genetics - her sire BAR R Arimura 30B brings in excellent sires: the sire is BAR R 52Y, who has the top bull Shigeshigetani 30T (outstanding values for marbling, RibEye and carcass weight) in his pedigree, as well as the world-famous sires WKS Shigeshigetani 1593, WKS Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068 and Haruki 2. This bull has been used very often for breeding in Australia - with very good results regarding growth, milk yield, good temperament, marbling and RibEye! The dam is BAR R 5U. She brings in a very correct frame and also good milk production. Her pedigree also includes the bull Takasuru 1K, who produces very good marbling.

The dam of Kirako 4 is Kira WG010, who also has very good sires in her pedigree: the sire of her is Sato - a Purebred bull, who has the first export bulls in his pedigree - Mt. Fuji (Kikunori Doi and Tafuji Doi) as well as Mazda and Judo for the red factor. High amounts of money are paid for semen from these animals today! Extremely much original genetics! The dam-dam Kira comes from the well known Westholme breeding, which introduced some of the Foundation sires. On their sire side you can find Dai 6 Seizan as well as Kitateruyasudoi, who is famous for his marbling and its fineness. The dam side is completely descended from imported Japanese genetics - Hirashigetayasu, Kitateruyasudoi and Kitasakaedoi!

Kirako 4 is free of known genetic disorders and homozygous polled!

Kirako 6

Kirako 6 is homozygous polled and also sired by BAR R Arimura 30B, via the dam side Takamichi Doi and Kira WG010 are added. As already described for Kirako 4, the very broad genetic line-up allows a mating with many bulls - an excellent basis for breeding!

Kirako 6 has the following test results: SCD: VA , Tenderness: 7 , free of known genetic disorders.


Takara - a heterozygous polled heifer - is a breeding specialty. She is directly sired by the Westholme bull Teruyamanami, whose semen we imported 15 years ago. The sire Kitateruyasudoi and the dam Masako are both original exports from Japan! Extremely rare! Although his genomic breeding values are relatively low, the bull inherits outstanding marbling.

On the female side, we have once again our "foundation dam" of the polled breed - Kira WG010.

Takara has the following test results: AA 1 and is free of known genetic disorders.


Sakushi is already our 3rd generation of polled Wagyu. She was born in 2020, heterozygous polled and sired by Trent Bridge F F0115, which improves very well the genotypic values.

It is worth mentioning that her weight was 321 kg - after not even 300 days. Here seems to grow up a very good generation, which has milk, carcass weight, RibEye, marbling and its fineness. A real all-rounder in polled breeding!