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Semen offer

Wagyu semen is currently available from the following bulls:

Bull Parentage Bloodline Comments Price* Registered in
Hirashiget WG045

Hirashigetayasu x Sanshiga

52% Tajima; 43%Kedaka Group C bull: height, milk, fertility; AA6 38 USA, Germany
WKS Michitsuru Michifuku x Hisako 100% Tajima Group D bull: Marbling; AA


Australia, Germany
Trent Bridge F115 Itoshigenami x Trent Bridge C212 75%Tajima; 20%Itozakura Group D bull; top genetics from Australia; AV 75 Australia, Germany
RCC Shigefuku 059 Shigefuku x Sanshiga 39% Tajima; 56%Kedaka Group C bull; height; milk;  AA 3 45 USA, Australia, Germany
Yojimbo WG006 LMR Yojimbo x Isi 66% Tajima; 20% Fujiyoshi Group D bull; marbling + height; performance tested 60 Germany
Bimbi Michiyama Michifuku x Yadnarie Moriyama 69% Tajima; 24% Fujiyoshi Group D bull; marbling and RibEye 50 Australia, Germany
Chokyori 1713 Itoshigenami x Chokyori 1223 83% Tajima; 16% Itozakura, Okayama Group B bull; marbling and RibEye; also for F1 breeding 45 Australia, Germany
Terutani F146 Terutani 40/1 x Goorambat C0021 62% Tajima; 32% Fujiyoshi Group C bull; marbling and carcass weight 45 Australia, Germany
Sumako (red) Ashwood F X013 x Kalanga Namiko   Improvement of milk production and weight 35 USA, Australia, Germany
Kiramusuko II Bar R Arimura x Kira WG010   Purebred bull - homozygous polled 95 Germany

* All shown prices are excluding german vat

We have more bulls on offer, but only very limited amounts are available. Just give us a call - we will be happy to advise you!


Kiramusuko II

Premiere in Europe - semen from the first homozygous polled bull!

Purebred at the highest level - 98.44% Wagyu!

Worldwide, the breeding of polled Wagyu is on the rise! In Australia astronomical prices have been paid for one year - both for heterozygous and homozygous sires! In America, a bull was sold for $ 115,000 - a record amount! This was only topped by a Mayura Itoshigenami Jr. son in Australia for the absolute top price of $ 185,000.

SCD: VV - Tenderness: 9 - free of genetic disorders

Kiramusuko II is a very well-bred bull who brings excellent sires to his pedigree through his father BAR R Arimura 30B:

The father of BAR R Arimura 30B is BAR R 52Y, who has the top bull Shigeshigetani 30T (outstanding marbling, RibEye and carcass weight) in the pedigree, as well as the world-famous sires WKS Shigeshigetani, WKS Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068 and Haruki 2. BAR R 52Y was already used very often in Australia for breeding with very good results in terms of growth, milk production, good temperament, marbling and RibEye! A homozygous hornless bull with this father was recently sold for AUD 48,000! The mother of Arimura, BAR R 5U brings a very correct frame, as well as good milk yield. In her pedigree is the bull Takasuru 1K, which also produces a very good marbling.
The dam of Kiramusuko II is Kira WG010, who also has very good sires in her pedigree:
Her sire Sato is a purebred bull, who has the first export bulls in his pedigree - Mt. Fuji (Kikunori Doi and Tafuji Doi) and Mazda as well as Judo for the Red Factor. For semen from these animals today high sums are paid! The semen from Sato was already imported to Germany in the mid-nineties! The dam Kira comes from the famous Westholme breed, which has introduced some of the foundation sires. On the father's side are Dai 6 Seizan and Kitateruyasudoi, famous for his marbling and fineness. The dam's side is completely derived from imported Japanese genetics - Hirashigetayasu, Kitateruyasudoi and Kitasakaedoi! Due to the diversity of ancestors, Kiramusuko II can be used for breeding in many Wagyu!

Steffen Schäfer (www.der-vogelsberger.de) and I started breeding polled Wagyu genetics years ago and can now offer very good results: Kiramusuko II - an excellent basis for the start of breeding polled Wagyu!

Net price per straw: 95,00€ - volume discount is possible - contact us!


Trent Bridge F115 (TBRFF0115)

Trent Bridge F115 with 75% Tajima content has superior marbling from leading bloodlines which trace back to Japan.
The bull is in Group D in the Wagyu Fullblood Rotational Programme so he has a valuable role in Fullblood breeding. Fullblood Wagyu herds will benefit from F115 semen as progeny derived over high growth and high milk dams will be complemented by the powerful marbling IMF% and also the quality through fineness of marbling that he brings. His pedigree is endorsed by superior carcass breeding predictions from Breedplan. He is in the Top 1% for Marble Score EBV and Fullblood Terminal Index, in the Top 5% for Marble Fineness EBV and virtually in the Top 10% for light Birth Weight EBV.
He is the half-brother to Mayura Itoshigenami Jr whose semen sold for $3,050 a straw in 2016 and for $22,000 a straw in 2017. They both share Itoshigenami TF148 as their sire but Trent Bridge F115 is tested free of F11 and CHS and there is no history of known recessive conditions in his pedigree so he can be used with confidence in seed stock herds.
Trent Bridge F115 semen will be particularly valuable for crossing over conventional base breeds to improve premium eating quality from increased intramuscular fat and improved fineness of marbling. He will be particularly well suited for F1, F2 and F3 production over medium to large size breeds. Wagyu, in general, produce light calves at birth, but this bull possesses extremely low birth weight EBVs. Trent Bridge F115 semen will present small calves so can be used to open heifers.

Sire of Trent Bridge F115 is Itoshigenami TF148. He is the Foundation sire exported from Japan that has the highest Marble Score estimated breeding value (EBV) of +1.7 in Australian Breedplan amongst his peers and is comfortably still ranked in the top 1%. His Terminal Carcase Index of $351 is within the Top 1% too. An ancestor from Itoshigenami’s maternal side, Dai 7 Itozakura, is the most prominent Fujiyoshi sire in Japan known to pass on a large frame from strong growth rate.
The dam, Trent Bridge Wagyu C212, is sired by Kitateruyasu Doi “003” and Michifuku is her maternal great-grandsire. Both of these sires are descendants of Yasumi Doi. Yasumi Doi is considered to be one of the leaders of the highest marbling Tajima line with origins in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Trent Bridge C212, is still active in the Trent Bridge Wagyu herd at nine years of age and has produced seven registered Fullblood calves from natural mating and five as an embryo donor. Her Grandsire is Itozuru Doi TF151 who contributes growth and milk from his Dai 7 Itozakura ancestry and also the Kedaka line through Nishizuru. Trent Bridge C212 comprises 74% Tajima, 16% Fujiyoshi and 7% Kedaka.

Trent Bridge F155 has been tested to be free from CHS and F11 and his pedigree is free from other known recessive conditions.

Net price per straw: 75,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!


Michitsuru (WKSFU0006)

WKS Michitsuru is 100% Tajima genetic of the finest. This bull was bred in 1999 and is thus a long tradition in the successful production of F1 animals and thoroughbred breeding. The descendants with an extensively proven marble score distribution as shown below:

    o 7+ (20%)

    o 9+ (80%)

WKS Michitsuru comes direct from WKS Michifuku, which is rated as the number 1 for the inheritance of marbling in Australia. WKS Michifuku is a bull, which was entered directly in the Japanese herd book giving the bull a level of recognised creditability. Notably his pedigree indicates the reliability in his ability to promote the heritability of marbling performance in his offspring with his sire Monjiro producing carcasses that sold at auction for $16,000, $18,000 and $21,000 at the 2007 All-Japan Wagyu Competition.

Our believe is that the dam WKS Hisako is one of the most prominent aspects of the pedigree. Particularly considering the fact Hisako’s sire Yasufuku 165-9 remains Japans number one marbling sire. Her dam (Hikaru) proving Kumanami influence ( Kumanami influence regarded as having the ability to improved marbling quality and marbling heritability in resulting progeny) it’s a powerful combination that resulted in Michitsuru’s exceptional performance.

This beef is the result out of a F1-mating (Angus x Michitsuru), born in Australia and fed in Japan - an outstanding quality!

Net price per straw: 79,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!


Hirashiget WG045 (FB40797)

Hirashiget WG045 has a SCD: AA and a Tenderness of 6! Free of known genetic disorders!

The father of this new breeding bull is Hirashigetayasu, one of the "Foundation Sires" from Westholme. His father Dai 20 Hirashige is linebred to Kedaka and has in Japan an outstanding number of offsprings 75.000! There is a lot of growth potential as well as marbling potential due to Tayasu-Doi out of the Tajiri-line. The mother of Hirashiget WG045 is Sanshiga, a high Tajima cow, weighing by scale 1500 pounds. Sanshiga has every notable sire in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, and she has the greatest cow ever to leave Japan, Suzutani, on both sides of her pedigree and another great Dam of the breed, Okutani, as well.

The Tajima content predominates (52%), but Kedaka bloodlines combine to 30% while Fujiyoshi comprises 14%. However, Kedaka, Tottori and Oakyama combine 43% so Hirashiget WG045 is classified to be a Group C sire!

Limited volume of female sexed semen available - net price per straw: 60,00 €

Net price per straw: 38,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!



RCC Shigefuku 059 (USAFB23855 / FB23855)

RCC Shigefuku 059 is sired by the original Shigefuku, the highest content Kedaka bull ever to leave Japan. Shigefuku himself did not leave Japan; only a small amount of semen made the voyage. Shigefuku is a son of Dai 20 Hirashige 287 and is a half-brother to the greatest bull in Japan, Hirashigekatsu. Hirashigekatsu is producing heavy carcasses with extreme marbling. At the 2007 all Japan Zenkyo competition, six of the top ten bulls were sired by Hirashigekatsu.

RCC Shigefuku 059s Dam, Sanshiga, is a high Tajima cow, weighing by scale 1500 pounds. Sanshiga has every notable sire in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, and she has the greatest cow ever to leave Japan, Suzutani, on both sides of her pedigree and another great Dam of the breed, Okutani, as well.

Net price per straw: 45,00 €


SMX Sumaku (USAFB21961/ FB21961)

SMX Sumaku is a thoroughbred red Wagyu bull, which delivers a very good milk yield with an excellent carcass weight. Thus he belongs to the best bulls of the red Wagyu line in the Australian herdbook.

For breeding, this bull is particularly suitable for animals with a very high Tajima percentage, which usually have a low carcass weight and poor milk yield. The latter aspect in particular is important, however, in order to create the fat cells in suckler cows that are decisive for later marbling! The offspring are 100% Wagyu - therefore herdbook-capable! The bull is free of known genetic peculiarities.

Net price per straw: 35,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!


Yojimbo WG006 (Herdbooknumber: 10.201282)

Yojimbo WG006 is a 2010 born, performance tested bull with a very good pedigree:

LMR Yojimbo has been sold in the USA for 35.000 $ by the breeder! He has homozygous results in the GeneSTAR test for all four marbling gene markers and all three tenderness gene markers! His pedigree shows the Tajima bloodline with 81%. This stands for marbling. With Fukutsuru 068 he has one of the best marbling sires in the world in his pedigree. The same goes for Yasufuku Jr., who according to the "2104 Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study" takes one of the first two places in all areas of meat quality. The semen of this bull can no longer be exported to Europe.

Isi comes from an Australian embryo transfer. She has Dai 6 Seizan in her pedigree, which comes from the Fujiyoshi line and stands for good meat quality. Furthermore Hirashigetayasu is represented, whose grandfather is Kedaka, the founder of the well-known breeding line, which stands for size. The bull is free of genetic peculiarities!

Net price per straw: 60,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!


Chokyori 1713 (MCPFM1713)

Chokyori is maternal line bred on WKS Suzutani, probably the best cow ever to leave Japan. Like her sire Itoshigenami, she has the bull Shigeshigenami J10632 in her pedigree! This bull from the Kumanami line was used very much and successfully for breeding in Japan.

Nevertheless the bull only has an inbreeding coefficient of 5% according to the Australian herdbook and shows the typical picture of a Tajima bull: very good marbling and RibEye (both in the top 5% in Australia) with a low carcass weight. Therefore very well suitable for large cows - either in pure breeding or for crossbreeding! The bull is free of genetic peculiarities!

Net price per straw: 45,00 € - volume discounts are possible - contact us!


Bimbi Michiyama (BIMFC0001)

The bull Bimbi Michiyama is over the average for all index values in the Australian Herd Book ( status October 2018). This clearly shows that he is versatile in breeding. Especially in the RibEye he belongs to the top 5%! But also his marbling and fineness are above average - as well as his carcass weight. The last-named comes from Kikuhana, who was linebred by Takeda on Dai 7 Itozakura. The bull is free of genetic disorders!

Net price per straw: 50,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!




Terutani F146 (GRSFF0146)

The bull Goorambat Terutani F146 comes directly from Terutani 40/1, which is very popular because of the very good meat results. He also brings milk and size to his daughters. In combination with TF148 Itoshigenami this bull should produce a very good marbling - because this bull comes from the Shige-Kanenami line, from which e.g. Suzutani came out. The bull is free of genetic disorders!

Net price per straw: 45,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!