Balster Genetic Mr. Marble’s King (HB-Nr.: 10.204921)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Goorambat Mr Marble K483
x BPW Ms Nagashi
Comments: Purebred bull,
Heterozygous polled,
RibEye, marbling
Price: 169 € (net plus VAT)


Mr. Marble's King (F11-Carrier) is one of the TOP 3 heterozygous polled bulls worldwide!

His sire is the well-known Goorambat Mr. Marble K483 - his dam descends directly from BAR R Arimura 30B, who was bred by Jerry Reeves in the States! This shows that it pays to invest in top genetics. Mr. Marble's King has an SRI of +300 and a BFI of +422 - values that many fullblood animals cannot match.

Mr. Marble's King has a very good weight, a large rib eye (EMA) of +6.3 sqcm and top marbling of +2.4 (exceptional in the polled area!) as well as above-average finishing and fineness of marbling!

This bull is therefore an opportunity for anyone interested in polled breeding to reach a new level. The dam of Mr. Marble's King has already produced other very good heterozygous polled animals - an important indicator in breeding, which is unfortunately often neglected!

More facts:

  • F11 carrier - free of other known genetic disorders
  • Heterozygous polled - movable small horns ("scurr horns")
  • Australian Identifier: BGXP22T8041

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