Capital Country Apex II R5 (HbNr.: 10.203450)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Mayura L0010
x Capital Country Suzunami 2
Comments: All-rounder with milk, carcass weight, RibEye, marbling
Price: 160 € (net plus VAT)


R5 is a direct son of the top bull Mayura L0010, whose semen now costs 4 figures. Mayura L0010 is one of the best documented bulls in Australia with over 1000 recorded progeny - all his indexes are in the top 1% range.

In addition, the top bull World K's Shigeshigetani enters the pedigree via the dam side, whose top values for RibEye, carcass weight and marbling have been established based on carcass data. Furthermore also Itoshigefuji, who especially brings a lot of milk into the mating.

But also the damsides are very good - they go back to the dam lines Hikohime and Dai 2 Kinntou bred by Shogu Takeda, which already proved their top qualities in the past.

Therefore, it is not surprising that R5 is a real all-rounder: he brings milk as well as carcass weight at the same time and then also has excellent values for RibEye (Eye Muscle Area), marbling and their fineness - - all index values in the top 5% range.

A real opportunity for every breeder!

More facts:

  • Free of all known genetic disorders
  • Australian Identifier: PPWFR005

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