Hirashiget WG045 (HB-Nr.: 10.204576)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Hirashigetayasu J2351
x Gaw Shanshiga
Comments: Group C bull: size, milk, fertility;
AA 6
Price: 38 € (net plus VAT)


Hirashiget WG045 is an ET bull that has an outstanding pedigree. Super suitable for female offspring - he has already produced many beautiful calves!!

His sire is Hirashigetayasu, one of the "Foundation Sires" from Westholme in Australia. This one is directly descended from Dai 20 Hirashige, who was linebred to Kedaka and has a special status as a sire in Japan with a total of over 75,000 offspring! This genetics shows a lot of growth potential in addition to good mother cow traits. On the maternal side, Hirashigetayasu has Tayasu-Doi, a bull from the Tajiri line that stands for outstanding marbling.

The dam of Hirashiget WG045 is Gaw Sanshiga. She has a very high Tajima percentage at a weight of 680 Kg! Sanshiga has many of the world famous bulls in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, but also Suzutani (on both sides of her pedigree) and Okutani. She also brings very good results in embryo production!

Hirashiget WG045 is dominated by the Tajima content. However, the combination of the Kedaka, Tottori and Okayama lines add up to 43%, so he is classified as a group C- bull, since growth is the main priority for him based on the calculated breeding values. Hirashiget WG045 shows strong growth and size as well as milk yield and fertility! The calves are large and very vital.

More facts:

  • Free of all known genetic disorders
  • Super suitable for female offspring
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFM6189D

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