Kaito WG126 (HbNr.: 10.204821)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Ginjo Marblemax Kitahatsuhi L9
x Toshira WG087
Comments: Top outcross bull
Price: 50 € (nativ) (net plus VAT)


The mother-mother BAR R B79 we have chosen because of the very good growth by her father Itomoritaka 42Z. This bull bred by Jerry Reeves had very good exterior! We bred this cow to a bull linebred to Dai 7 Itozakura - LMR Toshiro 1/3. The bull has outstanding milk and also weight.
For the next generation we took again a special bull from Australia: Ginjo Marblemax Kitahatsuhi L9. He adds a very high weight (Top 1% of Australian herdbook breeding) and also milk to the mating.

At the same time, the bull has a Tajima percentage of only 42%! A true outcross pedigree that is very rare to find.

More facts:

  • 200 days weight: +38 kg - Top 1%
  • 400 days weight: +62 kg - Top 1%
  • 600 days weight: +88 kg - Top 1%
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFR4526

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