Kazuko WG098 (HB-Nr.: 10.204694)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Echigo Farms Maifuku
x Goorambar G0198
Comments: Allrounder
Price: 25 € (net plus VAT)


Kazuko WG098 is out of an ET in Germany with pure Australian pedigree (age on picture: 1 year 10 months).

Kazuko WG098's sire is Echigo Farms Maifuku, who can be found in many purebred pedigrees but is also used very successfully in F1 breeding. He has Kitateruyasudoi J2810 and Michifuku in his pedigree, while through the dam Blackmore Aizatzurudoi Y398 and Hirashigetayasu J2351 are brought in.

In short, a Tajima-heavy (67%) all-rounder with a nice length and milk +4 (05/24)! He makes very big cross calves as shown by the first births!

More facts:

  • IARS-Carrier
  • Tenderness 4; SCD AA
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFP4350

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