Makkuro WG101 (HB-Nr.: 10.204693)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Sumo Cattle Michifuku F126
x Goorambat Aizatzurudoi L690
Comments: Group A bull: frame, growth, milk;
AA 7
Price: 40 € (nativ) (net plus VAT)


This bull is sired by Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F126. According to the herd manager of Sumo Cattle, this bull makes really nice calves! On the dam's side, the genetics of Blackmore Aizatzurudoi L690 is brought in with Fukutsuru J068 and Kikutsurudoi (this bull has Kikutsuru, the legendary Hyogo cow in the pedigree twice!). In addition, Itozurudoi is also represented.

Makkuro WG101 is an extremely balanced bull with milk, carcass weight, marbling and fineness of marbling - a very rare combination in German breeding! He is particularly suitable for breeding female offspring in terms of milk (+4 kg!)! RibEye (+6.1)!

Meanwhile we can confirm the statement with the beautiful calves - there are some offspring in Germany which prove this! In addition, these have on average a 200g better daily gain than other calves!

More facts:

  • Free of all known genetic disorders
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFP0102

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