Mayuko WG170 (HbNr.: 10.204870)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Mayura L0010
x Isi WG044
Comments: All-rounder with milk, carcass weight, RibEye, marbling
Price: 100 € (net plus VAT)


Mayuko WG170 is a top all-rounder who consistently ranks in the 1% range of Australian herdbook breeding at BFI and SRI. He is a direct son of the top sire Mayura L0010 who brings milk, weight, marbling and RibEye. On the dam side, Isi WG044 enters the pedigree, the most fertile cow from our herd.

Mayuko WG170 has consistently top traits in each category - he has milk, weight, a nice RibEye as well as well above average marbling as well as its fineness (see image).

He is the highest scoring Mayura L10 son in the European Union. A very good opportunity to bring your own breeding further forward.

More facts:

  • CHS-Carrier - Free of other known genetic disorders
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFS1987

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