MRB Yasukan (HbNr.: 10.204887)

Basic data:

Ancestry: World K's Yasufuku
x Kerriewarren Sony P0071
Comments: Alternative bull with lots of Tajima genetics, RibEye, top marbling
Price: 50 € (net plus VAT)


He is a direct son of Yasufuku Jr., who in turn descends from Jasufuku J930 - a bull that is used very frequently in Japan due to his marbling. Jasufuku Jr. has an outstanding RibEye and top marbling - both values are confirmed by the many offspring! On the dam side of MRB Yasukan is TWA Shikikan, who is directly descended from World K's Takazakura and World K's Suzutani. On our last trip to Australia, this bull was mentioned to us for his outstanding fine marbling. Further back in the pedigree are Terutani 40/1 and Itozurudoi!

MRB Yasukan therefore has a lot of Tajima genetics (75%) - but is a real alternative to the bulls that are currently frequently used. His strengths lie in his RibEye of +5.5 sqcm, his marbling of +2.1 and his fineness of marbling of +0.39.

More facts:

  • CL16-Carrier - Free of other known genetic disorders
  • Australian Identifier: WGGFS1260

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