RCC Shigefuku 059 (HB-Nr.: 10.202457)

Basic data:

Ancestry: Shigefuku J1822
x Gaw Shanshiga
Comments: Group C bull; size; milk;
AA 3
Price: 40 € (net plus VAT)


RCC Shigefuku 059 is directly descended from Shigefuku J1822, the bull with the highest percentage of kedaka outside Japan. Only semen was exported from Shigefuku J1822. He is a son of Dai 20 Hirashige 287 and a half-brother of one of the best bulls in Japan - Hirashigekatsu. Hirashigekatsu produces heavy carcasses with extreme marbling. Throughout the Japan Zenkyo competition, six of the top ten bulls were sired by Hirashigekatsu.

The dam of RCC Shigefuku 059, Gaw Sanshiga, has a very high Tajima percentage, weighing 680 kg! Gaw Sanshiga has all remarkable bulls in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, but also Suzutani (on both sides of her pedigree) and Okutani.

If you need milk in your animals - RCC Shigefuku 059 offers it - excellent +7 in milk yield - 7x the Australian average - top 5%! In addition, the bull has only a 37% Tajima percentage, but 53% Kedaka/Tottori - very rare - good for outcross breeding!

More facts:

  • Free of all known genetic disorders
  • Australian Identifier: USAFB23855

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